The Dwarfs and the Giant

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The Origin of the Universe.

Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz by Yehuda Koren

Red Giants and White Dwarfs. Supergiants, Supernova, and Neutron Stars. Black Holes.

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The planet Mercury. The planet Venus.

The planet Earth. The Asteroid Belt. The planet Jupiter. The planet Saturn. The planet Uranus. The planet Neptune. The Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud. The Pioneer and Voyager Missions. Discovering Exoplanets.


The Search for Alien Life in the Universe. Where are all the Aliens? List of symbols. Image Copyright. This will cause it to increase in temperature and allow hydrogen fusion to begin in the shell around the helium core. Fusion creates extra radiation pressure and this will cause the Sun to expand. The outer layers of hydrogen will decrease in temperature, which will make them redder, and the Sun will then be a red giant.

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Figure A diagram showing the evolution of a Sun-like star from a protostar to a red giant. After this, the core will become a white dwarf while the outer layers will form a planetary nebula.

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The helium core of a red giant is so dense that it becomes degenerate. The carbon can then fuse with helium nuclei to become oxygen and neon.


Helium fuses into carbon via the triple-alpha process. Here, two helium nuclei made of two protons and two neutrons collide to produce a gamma-ray and a beryllium nucleus made of four protons and four neutrons. This decays into a carbon nucleus made of six protons and six neutrons , a helium nucleus, and a gamma-ray. If the carbon nucleus collides with another helium nucleus, it will produce an oxygen nucleus.

Gary Wayne The Dwarves, Elves, Fairies, Giants, and Gnomes 4 of 4

Neon nuclei are formed if oxygen nuclei fuse with another helium nucleus. In stars less than about 2. The energy released by the helium flash means that the star becomes so hot that it stops being degenerate, it can then expand and cool.

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These stars are sometimes called horizontal branch stars. When all the helium has been fused into other elements, radiation pressure decreases, and the star contracts again under gravitation. Much higher temperatures are needed for carbon and oxygen fusion to begin, and so this only occurs in stars over about 10 times the mass of the Sun. This helium fusion causes the star to become unstable and the envelope is ejected as a planetary nebula.

If the remaining core is less than about 1. The evolution of stars depends on their mass, with the most massive stars becoming black holes. White dwarfs have a mass that is comparable to the mass of the Sun, but they are compacted to a size comparable to the size of the Earth.

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Dwarfs and Giants

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