Older Workers: Employment and Retirement Trends

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Germany, Israel and New Zealand proved the biggest climbers, rising steadily up the index since Mexico, Greece and Turkey suffered the biggest falls as each country dropped over 10 places down the index. So, what motivates people to work past retirement age?

More and more senior citizens keep working

The answer is a mix of public policy and personal circumstances. The Golden Age Index identified three main drivers that influenced this decision. Pension policies: The more governments spend on pensions the less incentive people have to keep working. The amount they receive and the age that workers are eligible to receive a pension also influence the decision to retire.

Life expectancy: Longer lives equate to more time spent working and there is a strong link between good health and participation in the workforce.

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  • Recent developments in the employment and retirement of older workers in Germany..

Government healthcare policies and medical breakthroughs can facilitate people working to an older age. This will obviously differ from country to country.

Older workers clog the employment pipeline - MarketWatch

However, taking things easy might be contagious. A paper by Patrick Hesselius suggests that average sickness absence from work increases for women when their spouse retires. Technology is transforming the way we work. Innovation, automation and AI developments create new jobs and make existing roles obsolete. The workforce of tomorrow will need to be flexible enough to pick up new skills quickly or transfer the ones they already have. Adapting to a future with less job security may prove challenging for older workers, who are more likely to face the consequences of automation than their better-educated and better-trained younger colleagues.

Roadmap to retirement

The top spots on the Golden Age Index are occupied by countries that have put policy measures in place and reformed their labour markets to target older workers. The report recommends raising the retirement age to keep people in the workforce longer.

Are There Any Jobs for Older People? 4 Tips for Finding a Job After 60

However, to maximize the benefits of this policy governments need to support workers with lifetime learning and retraining programmes, to facilitate the skills needed for longer careers. Making work options and pensions more flexible also supports the changing needs of older workers, by increasing opportunities for part-time or temporary jobs, as well as offering partial retirement options. The physical needs of older employees is another important consideration.

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  3. Recent developments in the employment and retirement of older workers in Germany.!
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    Financial struggles are not the only reason why some of the American elderly would choose to keep working. Those are people who choose to keep working because they love their jobs and need to feel stimulated even as they grow older. Your email address will not be published. Notify me by email when new comments are posted here.


    Perks for Older Workers Are the Next Big Workplace Trend

    I want to subscribe to Silvereco. Among our sponsors and institutional partners on SilverEco. Touche Echap pour annuler. Contact 8 October In many cases, financial insecurity seems to be the driving force between senior citizens keeping at or going back to work. Some mention that unexpected medical fees drained their life-long savings.