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This book conveys valuable insights into the psychology of success and abundance and should be considered a priority read given the current period's emphasis on shock-value entertainment and negative news. The best investors did not emerge overnight but instead honed their skills through years of thought, research and practice. When you are done with these books, there are several more to add to your reading list. Business Essentials. Investing Essentials. Practice Management. Financial Advisor Careers.

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Popular Courses. Login Newsletters. Investing Investing Essentials. Key Takeaways Kiyosaki advocates investments that produce periodic cash flow for the investor while providing upside in terms of equity value. Warren Buffett provides his views on a variety of topics relevant to corporate America and shareholders.

Compare Investment Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Related Articles. Partner Links. Related Terms Mr. Market Definition and History Mr. Market is an imaginary investor devised by Benjamin Graham and used as an allegory in his book "The Intelligent Investor.

Compounding a One-Time Investment

Benjamin Graham Benjamin Graham was an influential investor who is regarded as the father of value investing. Benjamin Method The investment approach that aims to follow the strategies implemented by Benjamin Graham. Value Investing: How to Invest Like Warren Buffett Value investors like Warren Buffett select undervalued stocks trading at less than their intrinsic book value that have long-term potential.

What Is Bottom Fishing? Bottom fishing refers to investing in assets that have experienced a decline, due to intrinsic or extrinsic factors, and are considered undervalued. Peter Lynch Peter Lynch is one of the most successful and well-known investors of all time. Lynch is the legendary former manager of the Magellan Fund at the major investment brokerage Fidelity. Until now. Robert Kiyosaki - author of the 1 personal finance book of all time - has built a legacy around simplifying complex and often-confusing subjects like money and investing.

He continues to challenge conventional wisdom and asks the questions that will help listeners sift through today's information overload to uncover ways to assess what's real And use truth and facts as a foundation for taking control of their financial lives.

The Top 5 Books Every Young Investor Must Read

Burton G. Malkiel's classic and gimmick-free investment guide is now more necessary than ever. Rather than tricks, what you'll find here is a time-tested and thoroughly research-based strategy for your portfolio. Whether you're considering your first k contribution or contemplating retirement, this fully updated edition of A Random Walk Down Wall Street should be the first book on your wishlist. We're in the middle of an epidemic of average. So-called "normal" people get up every day, go to work, do what's asked of them, leave promptly at five, and return home to sit on the couch and watch TV.

Society tells us that this is what it means to lead a balanced life. Don't stress too much or work too hard.

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Your career isn't everything. But Grant Cardone thinks this preoccupation with balance has really just given an excuse to be mediocre. Internationally renowned psychiatrist, Viktor E. Frankl, endured years of unspeakable horror in Nazi death camps. During, and partly because of his suffering, Dr. Frankl developed a revolutionary approach to psychotherapy known as logotherapy. At the core of his theory is the belief that man's primary motivational force is his search for meaning. It requires no special skill. Virtually anyone can do it. If it is so simple then why are there so few millionaires in this world? This is because most of us learnt about compound interest at school. We also did a few sums but no one ever explained to us either its power or application. Our teachers and parents would be millionaires if they understood or had any comprehension of its awesome power.

Very disappointing, minimal content and all seemed very general in nature. Seemed more effort on disclaimers and selling the authors other interests. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Praveen Kumar , Prashant Kumar. Narrated by: Millian Quinteros.

1. Develop a written financial plan.

Length: 46 mins. People who bought this also bought No Excuses. This book will answer the following vital aspects of compounding that no one explained to you: What is tunnelling effect? What is critical mass in compounding? How a dollar a day can turn you into a millionaire?