Honour Among Men: An Inspector Green Mystery

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She has written numerous short stories and novellas as well as the critically acclaimed Inspector Green novels. She lives in Ottawa. See more in this series. The Whisper of Legends — Inspector Green Mysteries 9 When his teenage daughter goes missing on a summer wilderness canoe trip to the Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories, Green is forced into unfamiliar territory just as dangerous as the backstreets of Ottawa. Barbara Fradkin Follow this author.

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An Inspector Green Mystery

Reviews Rated 4 out of 5 by Lainie from Honour Among. Men Very appropriate to our current world. Different countries,different issues but still the same old-same old. A tough read but very well worth it. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by Bernie from Honour Among. Men Very enjoyable book , great characters.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/yuncos-mujer-soltera-busca.php This time he's called to a case involving the death of a mysterious woman whose body was dumped on the shore of the Ottawa River. The first order of business? To uncover the woman's identity.

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The second? To find out why she had a military medal for bravery in her hand. This fascinating novel takes you from Ontario, Canada, to Croatia via a soldier's missing diary, and it gives you a look into the hearts and souls of soldiers and the atrocities they face every day when they're at war.

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It also exposes the raw inhumanity of war and how people are forced to make choices 'over there', ones they have to live with afterwards Honour Among Men shows us that politics are often cloaked by past misdeads. Everyone has a past. Some don't want theirs in the limelight, and they'll do anything to keep their secrets. If you enjoy a great mystery novel with vivid scenes, realistic dialogue and a well researched plot, check out Honour Among Men.

Recommended for: Those who like a traditional 'whodunnit mystery' set in contemporary times. Once again author Barbara Fradkin delivers up a first rate mystery while releasing more details about her characters. Having read her first five books, I am anxiously waiting to get a copy of her latest. All of the books to date, including this one, have Inspector Green using the past to define the present which eventuallly leads to the heart of the mystery.

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  • Like many mystery fans, I tend to read a new novel quickly, however there are times when you complete a book and you find yourself a bit disappointed because there is no more. It is over until the author provides you with something new. The Inspector Green books fall into this category.

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    • For those not aquainted with this series, I recommend beginning with the earliest book and progressing through them by date of publishing. Although all books can stand alone, you would miss the character development throughout. Many thumbs up! Extra Content.