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Check out your local breed club.

Natural, healthy dog food and puppy food online

You'll learn more about your puppy and meet new friends—for both of you. Learn to speak Puppy. Study his body language so that you know how he's feeling. Let him sniff. Your life isn't so busy that you can't let him sniff a little extra. Olfactory communication is essential for puppies learning about the world.

Dog Food By Diet

Tag him. Millions of puppies are lost each year. Make sure yours isn't one of them. Get him fixed. Animals who've had the operation lead longer, healthier lives.

Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Plus, you'll be doing your part to curb overpopulation. Let him chew. Yes, it can be a pain, but it is also developmentally appropriate for puppies. Purchase high-quality chews at pet-specialty stores, and then let him have at it.

Here are my top 15 tips to improve your dog’s diet today…

Skip the scraps. Feeding puppies table food might seem like a good idea, but such morsels lead to obesity, intestinal problems, choking, and hyperactivity. He'll enjoy the taste, and you'll know you're giving him the right nutrients. Say no to sweets. Even though your puppy is part of your family, he does not need his own Easter basket. In fact, desserts such as chocolate can seriously harm puppies. If you must nestle something in that pink grass, bury bones or toys.

Feed to size. Pups have different nutritional needs based on their projected weight as adults.

Eukanuba tweaks its formulas to meet the specific demands of small, medium, and large-breed puppies so that you don't have to play dietician. Don't overfeed. Yes, it's true that puppies burn twice the energy of adult dogs, but that doesn't mean they need twice the food.

Dog Nutrition: What and How Much To Feed My Dog? [Complete Guide]

Feed "smart" by giving your puppy a nutrient-dense meal that allows his body to make the best use of the calories eaten. Keep it fresh. Always dump the water in your pup's bowl before each meal is served and between meals, if necessary , and then scrub the dish. Even one stray morsel of food can make the supply taste funny.

Without water, your pup could get dehydrated quickly. Brush his teeth. Regular dental care can prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and doggie breath. It can even lengthen your dog's life.

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So, your dog should be getting plenty of attention and praise from you on a daily basis. Keep your dog mentally stimulated as well as physically stimulated as mentioned above. This is one of the best mentally stimulating things you can do with your pet. They are searching around, processing literally thousands of odors, and thinking non-stop.

If you are not able to attend nose work sessions , look for other fun games and activities for your dog to do. A self-employed dog will always cost the owner money. If your dog is having obedience issues, you should contact a dog trainer in your area, such as our program in Northern Virginia.

This is something that the vast majority of trainers do not even cover or discuss. Confidence is very important in order to have a happy dog! See the blog I wrote on noise desensitization and how to build confidence in my dog. If you stay on top of all these fundamental principles, I can ensure you and your dog a very long, healthy, happy, and confident life.

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