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Hyness , also titled as Officiant of Doom , is a character in the Kirby series, debuting as the main antagonist of Kirby Star Allies , but would later become an ally. He is a priest and the leader of the Jambastion Religion. Hyness wears a white robe that has golden trimmings with ancient symbols printed on them. He wears a white hood that covers his head that also has gold trimmings with ancient symbols printed on them. Hyness also wears a white veil that covers the majority of his face. When he is wearing his hood, his eyes are depicted as small and yellow, which is presumably his pupils glowing.

When his hood and veil are knocked off, it is revealed that Hyness has a blue face with a big, floppy nose, blue and yellow chameleon-like eyes with black pupils, and pointy ears with orange tips. Hyness as he approaches Kirby and co. Before the events of the main story, Hyness was originally a much more kind and caring soul, having saved the Three Mage-Sisters after they nearly died and taking them in to lead them to a bright future. He was incredibly intelligent, as he was stated to be a genius among his people, which made him the leader of the religion.

He was noble and very charismatic as well. However, The 14th post of the Kirby Star Allies Channel states that Hyness had forsaken his own heart and fell into darkness, becoming trapped in a spiral of loneliness and despair. During this time, presumably when some of him was still left, he even tried to warn Zan Partizanne to do something if he went crazy again, but stopped midway through.

Eventually, he became a shadow of his former self, and thus, changed for the worst. In the present, Hyness is depicted as completely insane, with incredibly deranged mood swings. He fits the image of a demented cult leader or priest. When Kirby and his friends encounter him, he first talks calmly and somewhat eerily, but then starts to become furious. He begins shaking his head and flailing his arms rapidly while talking very quickly. In his second phase, he starts making strange angry grunting and snorting noises and doing bizzare dances.

His battle themes also seem to elaborate on his eeriness and insanity. According to Zan Partizanne 's Pause Screen description, he is said to be abusive to the generals. This is evidenced by the fact that he smacks an incapacitated Zan aside while walking towards Kirby. After his first phase, Hyness summons Zan Partizanne and her two sisters, Francisca and Flamberge , and absorbs their life force to restore his own, rendering them unconscious. In his second phase, he uses their bodies as living weapons; when defeated, he forcefully sacrifices the mages and himself to the Jamba Heart in order to resurrect Void Termina.

Before the events of Kirby Star Allies occurred, Hyness was originally traveling throughout various places. During his travels, he encountered the Three Mage-Sisters, each of whom were on the brink of death. He found Francisca nearly freezing to death in a snowstorm, he found Flamberge nearly suffocating in a fire, and he found Zan Partizanne drawing her last breaths after being struck by lightning while desperately climbing a tower after she lost everything.

Fortunately, Hyness saved them from departing the world by granting them the powers of ice, fire, and electricity. However, Hyness abandoned his own heart and let the darkness in it consume him, which changed him into an insane, abusive leader. According to Hyness in the Japanese version of Kirby Star Allies , the people of his own clan were powerful wielders of magic, and worshiped the matter of darkness.

They used to be friends with unknown people who used the power of science, and together they achieved great prosperity. In the English localization, the science-using people were never described as their friends, and Hyness's people were said to be the "masters of a matter most dark," instead of worshiping it. Regardless, one day, the people of science turned on his clan and banished and sealed them away to the edge of the galaxy in fear of their power.

They then subsequently erased all but a sliver of their very existence from history itself. However, it's been noted in interviews that it's unclear how much of Hyness's words can be believed, due to his madness. According to a Nintendo Dream magazine, Hyness seemingly founded the religion seen in Kirby Star Allies sometime after these events, with The Three Mage-Sisters , the Jambelievers , and the Jammerjabs being among his followers.

Afterwards, Hyness somehow obtained the vessel of Void, the Jamba Heart , in order to revive him as Void Termina so he can use his power restore his clan as described in said book. Hyness initially worshiped and revered Void with genuine feelings, but he eventually became obsessed with worshiping him, as well as taking revenge.

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Hyness chose to pursue a path of destruction by avenging his clan with the power of Void Termina, while in the process neglecting his people and religion. This is likely what caused Hyness to forsake his own heart and fall into darkness. However, since he did not fully understand how to break the seal, the ritual went wrong, causing the Jamba Heart to shatter and spread its negative influence across the galaxy. The Three Mage-Sisters chase after the fragments while Hyness stays behind, continuing the ritual in their absence.

After Zan Partizanne fails to stop the heroes, Hyness bats her unconscious body aside and confronts them personally; although Kirby and the Star Allies manage to triumph, he simply sacrifices himself and the Three Mage-Sisters to complete the Jamba Heart. The negative energy gathered by them allows Void to reincarnate into Void Termina, who then sets out to destroy the universe, forcing Kirby and his friends to pursue him in the Star Allies Sparkler. During the battle with Void Termina, Hyness and the three Mage Generals are seen trapped in cocoons near the monster's core.

Freeing them causes them to drop food. In Hyness's case, he drops a bottle of milk. It is implied in the sub-game that at some point after the fight against Void Termina, Hyness fell into a dimensional rift, where he became entirely consumed by the evil in his heart, which transformed into a Jamba Heart and absorbed him. He is later encountered by Kirby and his Friends.

Using the Heart Spears they collected, they shatter the Jamba Heart and release a corrupted Hyness, who they then must fight. However, rather than summoning the Three Mage-Sisters, he summons three wood stumps with their outfits to use as weapons.

Kirby Star Allies - Magolor, Susie and Taranza - Wave 3 Dream Friends DLC

Nonetheless, his efforts prove useless, as he is defeated. Before the heroes could celebrate, Zan Partizanne and her sisters arrive from out of nowhere. They then fight them in a last attempt to end their long-lasting battle, but the heroes prove victorious. After the battle, all of the Friend Hearts the heroes collected come together to form a giant Friend Heart, which Kirby then throws at the sisters.

The sisters then wake up with their original colors restored. After some thinking, they nod their heads in agreement and presumably say a prayer of sorts, turning the dark battlefield into a brightly-lit arena. The Warp Star then descends from the sky, and Kirby and friends hop on.

Before leaving, Kirby waves goodbye to the sisters and the Warp Star takes off, leaving behind a small heart that slowly floats onto Hyness. Hyness then wakes up, restored to his former glory, and the sisters run up to him in joy and presumably tell him what had happened as the screen fades to black. Hyness attacks with a variety of magic spells. He begins the battle by shooting balls of dark energy from his sleeves; the balls will briefly arc through the air before homing in on the player. He will then summon a rune resembling the Jambandra emblem the symbol on his hood and the Mage Generals' hats to fire sharp picks to the sides of the arena.

He can also summon pillars of fire at the sides of the arena, followed by a pillar of lightning that releases shockwaves across the ground. His final attack summons multiple Jambandra emblems around himself; after a moment, they will release freezing winds around themselves. However, if attacked by the fire element, the symbols will disappear.

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Hyness without his hood, surrounded by The Three Mage-Sisters after he drained their life force. After Hyness's health is depleted, his hood and veil are knocked off his head and he summons the Mage-Sisters, draining their energy to restore his own. In his second phase, he keeps his moveset from his first phase, but mainly attacks with the unconscious bodies of the sisters.

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He can throw them at Kirby and Co. Kirby can inhale these to get their respective abilities or remove the elemental attribute and get the Stone ability. Alternately, Hyness can grab one of the mages and swing them like a club, dealing elemental damage to anyone he hits. When he gets to half health, he forces the mages to create a Friend Circle ; they then roll all over the arena, on the floor, up the walls, and on the ceiling. They then float in the center where Hyness sends the mages flying in different directions, embedding them in the ground as obstacles while dropping elemental stars to their sides; this attack leaves him dizzy for a time.

Each of the mages deal damage of their respective element as they impact on the floor in this manner. Once he recovers, he forces the Mage-Sisters to become a shield; he hides behind him while they float around, occasionally throwing dark orbs. The shield can be broken, and if so, leaves Hyness stunned.

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Corrupt Hyness , titled Fell Officiant , is the fifth and penultimate boss of the Heroes in Another Dimension sub-game. He is Hyness after being consumed by the darkness that resided within his heart. Corrupt Hyness sports a dark maroon robe with black trimmings that have golden symbols imprinted on them. Likewise, his hood and veil are the same.

When his hood is removed, it is revealed that Corrupt Hyness maintains most of his original features, but his color scheme has been altered; his face is now dark maroon, his ears now have red stripes, and his eyes are now black and yellow with red pupils. Corrupt Hyness moves around much faster than in his previous battle. He now throws three dark orbs at a time instead of just one, and when summoning the emblem of his religion to fire sharp picks, he creates two at the top corners, and then one in the middle, or vice versa.

When damaged enough, Corrupt Hyness will begin using his elemental attacks. He creates two pillars of lightning instead of just one, and he now creates six pillars of fire instead of four, leaving space only in the middle.

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Give it up for the main cast of Golden! Orion, Julianna, please stop making goo-goo eyes at each other. You're not Romeo and J 1. You're not Romeo and Juliet. If you were were, I'd take an anvil to your heads. Save us the trouble.

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Now first off, I'd like to congratulate you guys for making me create a new shelf just for your book: stick-the-status-quo-everyone. Nice to see I have fans on the other side of the fourth wall. Natalie: Oh, you have fans, alright. I'm just not one of them. Are you aware that you're a walking, talking stereotype? Trevor: A what? Natalie: You're the playboy love interest that half the female population wants.

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But you're hopelessly in love with the quiet homebody heroine, who has, frankly, done nothing to warrant your affection.