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You want to ask Warren about her hair do a personal interview, it's too stupid to go into in a debate. Want to ask a candidate about his or her religious beliefs, that may be legitimate, in a personal interview, unless bigotry is your purpose. In the debates leave it out. Every candidate should respond to every question. Either the questions should be answered by all or they should not be asked. Or were any of you dumb enough to believe any candidate can deliver on every thing he claims to support.

Believe what he will work for and that's OK.

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Believe he will deliver everything he he supports is stupid. Here are the facts.

For the record? No, I'm not a climate change denier simply because I don't agree with you about Bernie Sanders being god's gift to mankind. I'm simply choosing the words of black civil rights leaders like John Lewis, who actually marched with King. IT's well documented that Sanders traveled to Washington—his first time in D. It was in Washington DC! Without research, you are doomed to appear ignorant This is an easily fact checked lie that Bernie Bros continue to spread for some reason.

Bernie's heir - who will lead the left in 2020?

The problem is, I see your point. But are you going to hold those less-than-perfect candidates accountable for foreign policy as well? The thing is, your point is right and so too are those that have complained against the US foreign policy. I will vote for whoever is on the other side of the fence from Trump, even if they are not "ideologically 'pure'". In other words, I assent to your point. You can do both, together, there is no logical mutual exclusion. Are you up for that plan?

When It Comes to U.S. Militarism, Elizabeth Warren Is No Progressive

And much of the ideology that backs it is steeped in the same sentiment that drove the colonialism that "underprivileged" a lot of people in the US who are not "privileged, white men". Bernie Sanders isn't working for you. Bernie Sanders is only running for President because it made him a millionaire.

Your sexist name-calling is childish.

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Your ignorance of reality reminds me of Hillary, who did not know of or understand the Electoral College - and subsequently lost to the idiot that she intentionally elevated. Your pity party can be stopped by following good ideas like expanding public education, a fair tax system, Medicare for All and a living wage. Sorry, no. Comparing women candidates to STDs is literally a derogatory, sexist term, which you had zero problem with. Bernie does not have 1 million volunteers, and I promise you, he will not get the support of women.

Privileged white men vote with ideological purity tests simply because they don't want anyone else but Bernie. The rest of us don't have that luxury. The problem is your personal grammar confusion combined with an error and possibly sexism. Simile or metaphor I think it's pretty telling that Bernie Bros have no problem comparing a woman presidential candidate to STDs.

Unfortunately, should Bernie lose, undoubtedly the Bros will cry about a rigged election, simply because they did not get their way. Bernie Bros are all about "letting actual votes speak.

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  • When It Comes to U.S. Militarism, Elizabeth Warren Is No Progressive - In These Times.

Sanders has a unionized staff Who has a perfect record? Sanders has the "best" record according to Peace Action.

Hillary Hoes once again show that they are completely incapable of recognizing the urgency of this moment. They insist on forcing us to choose between nasty diseases when a healthy alternative is available. The result will be that we end up suffering with another four years of the worst disease of all , Trump. For most of her political career Warren has been focused almost exclusively on domestic economic and financial issues.

Her earliest foreign policy incursions were shallow and conventional, influenced at least in part, one suspects, on having three brothers with military careers. But she has a strong sense of fairness and has been moving steadily toward more nuanced views. Plus she is a quick study. One should probably judge her on what she says going forward in terms of a comprehensive foreign policy approach rather than a scattering of fragmentary and superficial past statements.

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Only Bernie Sanders has dedicated media outlets and "jouranlists" bashing every other candidate while holding up Bernie's imperfect record as some kind of ideological litmus test. And with that completely inaccurate analogy, Bernie Bros once again show that they are completely incapable of recognizing the urgency of this moment. You don't die from herpes. You die from AIDS. I hope that the DNC will allow actual issues to be raised in the debates.

Otherwise, it's just going to be another repeat of - another loss for voting Democrats; but, a big win for DNC and the corporations that bribe fund them.

We Must Stop Giving Terrorists Exactly What They Want

Share Tweet Reddit 38 Email Print. What do you want to see from our coverage of the presidential candidates? As our editorial team maps our plan for how to cover the Democratic primary, we want to hear from you: What do you want to see from our campaign coverage in the months ahead, and which candidates are you most interested in? You seem seriously un-informed and intent on spreading false propaganda. Posted by ronbo on Try to understand what others are saying. YOUR primary intent may be single payer, mine is universal health care. Work with those parameters. Socialism does not work.

Capitalism does not work. The only system that works for the good of the people is a combination of both. Posted by BobFromDistrict9 on Lets see how much you really know, using social security for the example. All we are doing is looking at Question 1: How much money does the trust fund have now?

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  6. Instead of blocking and throwing a persnickity fit, just don't respond. A small portion of a planet where truth is valued. I said too many action groups. I did not specify "For Peace". I do not support Medicare for All. They are fleshed out and vetted, they are in practice in countries through out the world. Neither is Single payer. Medicare for All is NOT the only choice. Look into it. Question authority.

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    Posted by webcelt on Posted by Lynne Hughes on You can say that you've never seen the photograph. Isolated for ignorance, perhaps? But when you search you may be less isolated. Too lazy or too partisan?

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    No, you enjoy the diversion. You are not here for facts. You are funny! Too many action groups for peace? What planet did you say that you are from?